The Electronic Lien and Title Program (ELT) is a paperless method that allows TxDMV and a financial institution or lienholder to exchange vehicle title information electronically. The title record is sent electronically and the lienholder stores the electronic record instead of a paper certificate of title. The electronic title is created and held by TxDMV in the state motor vehicle database.

Title applications are submitted and processed through the local county tax office. Under ELT, when a lien has been satisfied, the lender must submit an electronic release of lien. The lienholder is then removed from the record, receives an electronic notification and a paper title is sent to the owner.

ELT supports:

  • Electronic Lien notifications
  • Electronic Lien releases
  • Conversion of electronic titles to paper titles

When a Paper Title is Necessary for a Record with an Active Lien, the Lienholder Can Request a Printed Title.

  • Cost savings as electronic records will not require the same handling, storage and mailing as paper titles
  • Reduces administrative burden for processing and filing paper titles
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Improves timeliness of data exchange
  • Improves data and forms security
  • Provides better customer service
Participation in ELT

Lienholders and service providers interested in participating in ELT services need to:

  1. Complete the ELT intake form
  2. Sign our Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  3. Meet TxDMV's Technical Specifications
  4. Complete technical certification testing
  5. Submit forms via email to


ELT Lienholder Schedule
New Lienholders

Important: Effective May 31, 2016, the deadline for submitting new lienholder requests will change from the last business day of the quarter to the 15th of the last month of the quarter. Requests received by the deadline will be implemented the third Friday of the following month.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Intake form must be completed and approved during the "Requests Received From" period.

Requests Received From Implement
December 15 - March 15th Third Friday in April
March 16th - June 15th Third Friday in July
June 16 - September 15th Third Friday in October
September 16 - December 15th Third Friday in January
Change Requests

Request for name, address, and/or provider changes must be received by the last business day of the month. Changes received by the last business of the month will be implemented the third Friday of the following month. All change request require completion of the Change Request Form. A new SLA agreement may be required depending on the change request (refer to the Change Request Form) for a new SLA requirement. If you have any questions, please email us at

Is the ELT program mandatory? No.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Information

A new SLA is required when a lienholder changes its name, files for bankruptcy or changes service providers. After submitting a signed SLA, TxDMV will assign a two-digit number to append to your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).

Note: Outdated Service Level Agreements will be rejected.

Print Titles
  • If your customer moves out of state or in cases of repossession, a printed title will need to be obtained.
  • Once a lienholder is certified, they have the option to file a title either electronically or by paper (not all titles have to be electronic).