Open Records

NOTICE: Effective September 1, 2023, license applications, which includes applications for a General Distinguishing Number or “GDN”, are confidential and excepted from disclosure under Section 552.11765 of the Texas Government Code, also known as the Public Information Act (the PIA), as well as the home address, home and personal cell phone number, email address, social security number, date of birth, driver's license or other state identification number, passport number, emergency contact information, and payment information of an applicant for a license and any individual who is a current or former license holder. The name, license number, and license status of license applicants and current or former license holders are not confidential.

Requesting Public Information

Texas Government Code Chapter 552, also known as the Public Information Act or PIA, gives you the right to access certain government records. The PIA also establishes procedures that governmental bodies must follow when responding to requests for public information. Public Information Act requests are sometimes referred to as open records requests.

In addition to the PIA, TxDMV must comply with 18 U.S.C. Chapter 123 and Transportation Code Chapter 730 when disclosing motor vehicle records. If you are requesting motor vehicle records, you must submit the request on the department's form using the delivery information listed on the form. Please be aware that the department may be required to redact personal information from those records before providing them to you.

Please note, the following types of information are NOT maintained by TxDMV:

  1. Driver License and Driver Records
    Contact the Texas Department of Public Safety

  2. Crash Records and Road Conditions
    Contact the Texas Department of Transportation

  3. Boat Titling and Registration Records
    Contact the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Are you requesting motor vehicle records?

If you are requesting title histories, vehicle registration information, or a list of vehicles in your name, you must submit your request via US Mail or in person at one of our Regional Service Centers using a Request for Texas Motor Vehicle Information (Form VTR-275). To be considered complete, the form must specify the type of records being requested in the section provided (select “Other” if requesting a list of vehicles in your name) and you must include a copy of your identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, and any required supporting documentation as listed on page 2 of the form. If your request includes a motor vehicle record that has an associated fee stated on the Form VTR-275, you must include payment in the form of a personal check, money order, or cashier's check made payable to TxDMV. Do not mail cash. If no fee is listed, someone will contact you with cost and payment information. You must mail your completed form, a copy of your identification, and any required payment or documentation to the address listed on the form or present it in person at a Regional Service Center. (Note: Requests for a list of vehicles in your name must be submitted via US Mail.) If you have any questions on how to fill out the form, which records to request, or what supporting information is required, please email Please note that Form VTR-275s cannot be submitted via email.

For other motor vehicle records, such as duplicate titles, replacement registration stickers or license plates, etc., please click the “Forms” button at the top of the page, enter a keyword where indicated, then click “Find Forms.” To browse the list of available forms, select “Title & Registration Forms” and click “Find Forms.” Be sure to follow the submittal instructions listed on the forms, as most of the forms cannot be submitted via email or must be emailed to a specific email address.

If you are requesting records other than motor vehicle records, such as TxDMV complaint or enforcement information (including copies of final orders), compiled batch reports from databases (statistical information), dealer or manufacturer licensing information (except license applications), motor carrier information, personnel information (for employment verifications email, or purchasing information (including contract information), you must submit your request through one of the following methods:

Through Public Access Link (PAL)

Our Public Access Link (PAL) is the quickest, most convenient way to submit your request, pay your bill, and receive responsive information. Visit Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Public Access Link (PAL) to submit your request online.

By Mail

Open Records
Office of General Counsel
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
4000 Jackson Avenue
Austin, TX 78731

In Person

Attn: Open Records
Office of General Counsel
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
4000 Jackson Avenue, Building 1
Austin, Texas 78731


Submit requests by email to the TxDMV Office of General Counsel at

To assist us in handling your request as accurately and efficiently as possible, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Requests for public information must be made in writing.
  2. Include your full name and contact information, including email address if you have one.
  3. Be as specific as possible in describing the information you are seeking. Include date ranges if applicable. We will work with you to narrow or clarify your request to locate the records you are seeking.
  4. Your request must be for records or information that already exists - the PIA does not require an agency to answer questions, perform legal research, or continue to provide records as they are created in the future.
  5. By law, a request is considered to be received during regular business hours (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.) on a regular business day (not a state holiday or skeleton crew day).
  6. To expedite our response to your request, you may ask that we redact confidential information prior to releasing it to you.

PIA requests are handled in the order in which they are received. While TxDMV strives to release records as promptly as possible, the PIA allows agencies up to 10 business days to respond to a request. Depending on the scope of your request, we may need to contact various parts of the agency to ask several different employees to locate and compile responsive records.

Although the PIA creates a presumption that information in the possession of a governmental body is available to the public, exceptions exist that may limit the public disclosure of certain types of confidential, privileged, or sensitive information. If a governmental body believes that requested information is confidential or falls within an exception to disclosure in the PIA, it generally must request a ruling from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) within 10 business days of receiving the request. The OAG will determine in a letter ruling whether information is excepted from public disclosure or whether it must be released.

The OAG's website contains information on the PIA, including the rights of requestors, the responsibilities of governmental bodies, and procedural information.

Cost of Records

TxDMV may charge for releasing information in compliance with the cost rules established by the OAG. If a request for information will result in charges of more than $40, we will send you a cost estimate before doing any work on the request. You must respond to any written estimate of charges within 10 days or the request will be considered automatically withdrawn.

If estimated costs exceed $100, TxDMV may require a bond, prepayment or deposit.

Law enforcement entities have multiple options for receiving motor vehicle records and other information from the department. For more information on these processes please visit Law Enforcement Assistance Processes.

Subpoenas and discovery are not open records requests. To request information through a subpoena or deposition by written questions email the document to: