Abilene District Structures with Low Vertical Clearance

County Road Structure Height and Location
Callahan FM18 14' 1 mile west of BI20 in Baird
  FM604 14' under IH20
  FM1707 NB 13'6" northbound under IH20
  FM2047 14' under IH20
Howard FM700 SB 14' under IH20
  FM818 13'6" under IH20
  FM820 13'6" under IH20
  FM821 13' under IH20
Mitchell E.BI20 in Westbrook 13'6" under E.IH20
  W.BI20 in Loraine 13'6" under IH20
  BI20 in Loraine 14' between W.IH20 and FM644
  SH163 14' just south of BI20 in Colorado City
  E.SH208 14' under IH20
  W.FM644 13'6" under IH20
  W.FM670 14' under IH20
  FM1229 13'6" under IH20
  FM1899 13'6" under IH20
  FM2836 13'6" under IH20
  FM3525 14' under IH20
Nolan W.BI20 in Roscoe 14' under IH20
  BS70 in Sweetwater 14' just south of BI20
  FM608 14' under IH20
  LP170 13' under IH20
Scurry US84 14' EB/WB ML, 14' EB SFR, 14' WB NFR at E.FM1673  
  N.BU84 in Snyder 14' approximately 1/4 mile south of N.US84
  E.FM1673 14' under E.US84
Taylor E.BI20 WB in Trent 13'6" under IH20
  W.BI20 WB in Merkel 13'6" under IH20
  E.BI20/FM1235 in Merkel 13' under E.IH20
  BU83 SB in Abilene 14' SB under BI20
  FM126 13'6" under IH20
  FM707 13'6" on the shoulders under IH20
  FM1085 13'6" under IH20
  FM3438 14' under BI20 in Abilene



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