Wichita Falls District Structures with Low Vertical Clearance

County Road Structure Height and Location
Clay SP510 14' under a railroad north of US287 in Henrietta.
Cooke IH35 NB to SB U-Turns at the Oklahoma line 14' on the NB to SB U-Turns by the Red River at the Oklahoma line
Cooke FM51 14' under IH35.
  FM372 14'under IH35.
  FM922 14' under IH35.
Montague FM1125 14' under a railroad just south of US81 in Bowie.
Wichita JCT US287 & SP325.
  • 13' US287 SB to SP325 NB
  • 14' SP325 SB to US287 SB
  US287 NB 13'6" NB under SP11.
  US287 14' under Rifle Range Rd in Iowa Park.
  BU287 in Wichita Falls 13'6" under railroads just west of SH240.
  FM171 14' under railroads just east of BU287 in Wichita Falls.
  FM369 14' under US287.
Wilbarger US70/US183/E.LP145 14' under S.US287.



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